Editions conception development: ideology, layout, design.

Our company will help you to create a new edition of the highest quality, that is to develop conception, ideology and design, to realize your ideas creatively and professionally, taking into consideration your demands and wishes.

At the same time, your financial and work expenses will tangibly reduce, as you won’t have to hire extra creative executives, journalists, editors, proofreaders, designers and maker-ups.

By your order, taking into consideration users needs, your wishes and market demands, we will develop special conception of any publishing product:


  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • catalogues
  • leaflets
  • calendars
  • other printing products of any paper type, any format and any volume

If you’d like to entrust us in full or in part with the realization of ideas, the company will promptly perform the total cycle of editorial preparation turnkey.
Here you can acquaint with the examples of our works – periodical, advertising and information publications of different formats.