Every company, which starts its work in any field of activity, has its own aim and means, with the help of which it achieves the desirable result. In the process of work, means together with the aim are combined into one unit – the mission. Our company discovers its mission in the following constituents:
  • to become the best publishing-printing complex in the country, the leading supplier of printing services in its market segment;
  • to achieve the best quality of services, to introduce the world’s standards into production, logistics and service;
  • to act flexibly and efficiently, foreseeing our clients’ needs;
  • to minimize our clients’ work in the process of printing products creation in hard paper form (including the tasks of editorial character), taking its greater part upon ourselves;
  • to create the company’s image , which evokes confidence and respect among clients and business partners;
  • to reach the assigned aim due to awareness of our clients’ current demands and foreseeing the future ones, due to the job of the best specialists in this field, an accurate organization of production processes and a systematic approach to the business development;
  • to join the workers and company’s departments into one team, where the main criteria are the following principles of corporate ethics:
Our employees are the real professionals. We realize that the success of our business is based on their competence, and we do our best to make sure, that the best professionals of the printing field are working with us, and we also try to create the best conditions for the development of their professional qualities.

There are some things, which are being acquired for years, and are destroyed in a moment. Confidence is one of them. That’s why the honesty in relations with the customers, partners and within the team is one the basic principles of our work.
Working for the result
The achieved results are the main criterion of our company’s success. We by all means encourage the persistence of our workers, their will to define ambitious goals and demonstrate appropriate results.
Focus on a customer
Orientation on the maximum possible satisfaction of current and foreseeing the future customers’ needs are one of the basic principles of our work organization. The efficiency of our activity depends on our clients’ loyalty.
Initiative is always welcomed and encouraged, indifference and passiveness are condemned
The ability and will to hold responsibility is an integral feature of any development-oriented person, that’s why it’s characteristic of all our workers.
Diligent attitude to one’s duties is a cornerstone of the qualitative performing of a work.
Openness is not only our company’s characteristic, but also a key quality of our workers. Openness is a will and ability to listen to the others’ thoughts and take into account their needs, to hold a constructive debate, to be ready for a reasonable compromise.
Team spirit
Our team spirit craves for working as a single team, in the atmosphere of cooperation and pride in the teamwork, where the assigned tasks and business goal are taken as a common cause. That’s why setting one’s own interest above the company’s ones is absolutely alien to our team..