HistoryOur company was founded in August, 2002. It was set up as newspaper printing house within “Mega-Press” publishing group for printing newspaper products, produced by the holding company. The first place of company’s residence was the Kyiv Technical Paper Factory at number 2/1 Almatynska Street. And the first printing machine was a new newspaper rotary machine Starline S30 made by famous Indian manufacturer called Manugraph
This machine, which made it possible to print from 8 pages of A3 (4+4) format to 24 pages of A3 (2+1) format, was a real breakthrough on the market of newspaper print in Kyiv by then. It enabled the group’s publishing enterprises not only to gain the competitive advantages but also start an active expansion into the niche of color and full-color printing in the capital.
During a short period of time (2004-2006) “Mega-Polygraph’s” stock of newspaper machines has increased due to buying four new web-paper rotary machine Сityline Express 35 made by Manugraph company.
HistoryEach of these machines is able to print from 8 pages of A3 (4+4) format to 16 pages of A3 (2+2) format, and together with Starline S30 they make it possible to print simultaneously several newspapers of different coloration in the amount of 8 to 48 pages of A3 format.
Owing to the active development of business, by the middle of 2006 the company had become one of the leaders of newspaper color printing not only in Kyiv but in Ukraine as well. However, according to the enterprise’s mission, we couldn’t allow ourselves to stop at what had been accomplished, that’s why in the year of 2007 it was decided to strengthen the production park of the printing house by four modern devices of new generation with a high level of automation – by Solna D390 machines made by Swedish company named Solna.
HistorySolna D390, which is modern machine with a high level of automation, is the latest product of Solna company. The first production samples of this machine were released in the year of 2007.
Each of these machines is able to print 8 pages of A3 (4+4) format at the speed of 50 000 copies per hour, and together they can produce up to 32 pages of A3 (4+4) format at a speed of up to 45 000 copies per hour.
Simultaneously with the decision to buy new machines in 2007, company management decided to change the production floor space. This task had been carried out successfully by the end of 2009, when all production facilities of the enterprise were gathered under the same roof – in the premises with total area of approximately 6 000 square meters at number 12/14 Vovchka Street in Kyiv.
Crises which gripped our country in 2009, has injured the printing industry in whole and our printing house in particular. But due to the company’s team, which builds its work on the principles of corporate ethics, due to the effective business strategies of the enterprise, aspiration for development and always making advantages to a client, we are constantly increasing our production volumes even in the period of crises.
Today “Mega-Polygraph” newspaper printing house is one of the leaders of this field in Ukraine and produces the widest range of publishing and printing services of the highest quality. Among our patrons are some leading publishing houses, editorial offices of country’s most famous newspapers, reputable social and political organizations and advertising agencies. We are constantly developing, hereby trying to treat all the customers, from the biggest to the smallest one, as loyally as possible.
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