Before a newspaper or a magazine falls into the hands of a customer, it’s necessary to perform its afterpress processing. LLC “Mega-Polygraph” offers a wide range of afterpress services of invariable quality and at a reasonable price.

The binding (of a newspaper, magazine, book, brochure) can be made by means of staple binding in the saddle-stitcher aggregates or by means of pasting in the thermobinders. The both variants make it possible to group, cut and bind the ready products simultaneously.

Depending on the mode of binding the products, it can be brought together by means of insertion or gathering. While piling the sheets with the help of insertion, the gatherings are inserted one into another. This mode is widely used in production of editions of small volume with a simple structure.
The insertion is performed in saddle stitchers.
In case of gathering, the gatherings themselves are put in turn one over another. This mode makes it possible to gather blocks of any thickness and to process their backbones in different ways for the following pasting and curling.

Destack of ready blocks of magazine products is necessary in case of discrepancy between the necessary amount of pages of the edition and the quantity of impositions, which can be done by the machine. For example, you need a leaflet with 4 pages of A3 format, and the machine’s minimal imposition is 8 pages of A3 format. In this case, a gathering consisting of 8 pages is divided into two two-paged ones.

In case the format of your edition does not correspond to the standard formats of our machinery, we will quickly and qualitatively make its cutting to the size you need.

On your request, we can make insertion or pasting of any advertisement material (coupons, fliers, leaflets, posters, testers etc.) into the edition.

In “Mega-Press” printing house, as a rule, ready products are packed in the newsprint paper, but, on a customer’s request, it can be wrapped in craft paper. Besides, if there is such a necessity, products can be packed in the individual plastic bags.

Ready products are delivered on the pallets.