Welcome to the web-site of «Mega-Polygraph»
company – one of the largest publishing-printing complexes in Ukraine!


main-enOur company is the part of “Mega-Press” printing group. In 2002 it was established as a structure, which is capable of satisfying the growing demands of its own publishing houses in qualitative newspaper printing. And over several years the printing house had developed into the largest production complex – one of the leaders in this field.
Today the enterprise has a unique machinery park for printing newspapers, brochures, leaflets and any other printing product on all types of newsprint and offset paper. Productive facilities of NINE modern machines, each of them capable of printing not less than 8 pages of A3 format 4+4 coloration, which is in total 6 million copies per twenty-four hours.
main-enThe effective work of the enterprise is also ensured by fast channel of communication, machinery park for quick and qualitative afterpress processing of the orders, storehouses, convenient geographical position of basic delivery points, its own transport department. Well-established cooperation with printing houses of other trends makes it possible for us to perform printing works of any difficulty on modern printing materials.
«Mega-Polygraph» publishing-printing house is an enterprise of a new generation. Before we appeared in this market, the phrase “printing house” presupposed only newspapers production. With our help this phrase discovers new horizons. We are ready to offer a customer a full cycle of services in creation any periodicals:

main-en-  development of conceptions of newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets etc. (ideology, layouts, design)

-   editorial preparation of editions (creation, filling, editing, makeup, proofreading)

prepress service

printing services

afterpress services

delivery of ready products by our own transport to any point all over the country.

The company’s pride is its team of approximately 200 qualified professionals, who making use of the unique technical facilities, are ready to satisfy the demands of any customer.
Cooperation with us presupposes your minimum participation, because our experience in publishing makes your tasks and demands quite clear and realizable for us.